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Triple Falls

Triple Falls

Production Co. based in Mankato, MN

Are you looking for production services?

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Production Co. based in Mankato, MN

We produce events and entertainment online and IRL


We're focused on Southern MN.

Music - Arts - Events - Culture

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Arts & Culture Podcast

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Each week we interview Artists, Creators, Entrepreneurs & Influencers making an impact in the area.

Help with

Content Generation

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We offer video production services and specialize in multi-cam video production and live-streaming solutions.

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Event Production

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We offer Event Sound & Lighting productions for conferences,  concerts, and event productions.

Recent Posts

Michael returns to the podcast to talk about his new magic venue and art space in St. Peter called 'Blue Moon Comedy and Magic'. We learn about the history of his work through the lens of his ongoing search for a physical space that worked well for his performances and the type of entertainment he wanted to bring to the area. Micael also shares some stories from his time doing close up magic and opinions on the craft. Blue Moon is located next to River Rock Coffee at 303 South Minnesota Avenue, St Peter - for more information about upcoming shows follow Michael Callahan or 2nd Story Comedy on Facebook.

Jared Willemsen returns to talk about his most recent Smilebro album 'Chapel Hill' - a collaborative concept album created during a musicians retreat in North Carolina. We explore how the limitations of working with new collaborative artists and confining production to a single week, from concept to completion, helped mold this album into a final product that, in many ways, represents a departure from his previous work. Jared shares some valuable takeaways from the production sessions as well as catching us up on his life changes as last time he spoke with us on the cast he was headed out to Los Angeles and has since returned. You can check out the single: 'Smilebro - Hundred Billion Dollars' on all streaming platforms, and the rest of the album will be released on the 18th of December 2023.

Musician Mal Murphy joins us to talk about her debut EP 'Grow Up', Mal is an emerging singer songwriter who has been gigging regionally for three years. We learn about her upbringing, her journey to becoming a musician as well as some of the friends and influences that she has gathered along the way. 'Grow Up' releases December 2023 with three release shows, you can find out more by following Mal Murphy on Facebook or Instagram - If you want to run into the TF team we will be helping out with production at the second show hosted at the 410 project December 14th at 7pm. Mal also performed a couple tunes for our Live Session series: Mal Murphy - Grow Down | Live on the TF Cast Dive into Mal Murphy's live performance of "Grow Down." This track is a gem from her latest EP, 'Grow Up.' Mal Murphy - Talk To Me (by Ben Scruggs) | Live on the TF Cast Enjoy Mal Murphy's rendition of "Talk To Me" by Ben Scruggs. Mal adds her special flair to this track, offering a glimpse into her musical world.

Nicholas returns to the show to discuss his cut-up musical project, 'I Cut People.' We delve into the project's history, approaching its 18th year with over 10 releases available on Bandcamp. Nicholas shares insights into how he finds inspiration, generates and sorts the cuts he uses, and the cultural and philosophical inspirations behind the finished products. You can listen to and download the albums for free at: In this episode, we focus on his latest and most musical release, 'The End,' which departs from previous work by primarily pulling from music instead of film.

In reflection of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we had the opportunity to speak with Julia Hamann, the Director of Community Programming at The Committee Against Domestic Violence (CADA). CADA serves a 9-county area in southern Minnesota, including Blue Earth. During our conversation, we explore the mission of CADA, the services they provide, the communities they serve, and their funding. Julia also shares stories and perspectives gained from eight years of working in the field in various positions. If you're interested in learning more, donating, becoming a sponsor, or seeking services, you can visit For immediate assistance regarding relationship abuse or sexual violence, reach out to an advocate through their 24-hour helpline at 1-800-477-0466, text at 507-223-4200, or email at

Festival Co-Director Tom Bliese joins us to discuss all things GSR. We delve into a brief history of the festival and Tom's experiences in the Mankato art scene, dating back to the 70s. Tom sheds light on how festival goers, vendors, organizers, and volunteers collaboratively contribute to making the GSR festival a longstanding positive influence in the Mankato area. The GSR Fine Art Festival is a juried event for artists, musicians, and authors to present and sell their wares. Open and free to the public, the festival takes place on Nov 25-26th at the Mayo Clinic Event Center in Mankato, MN.

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Connect with our team today to see if our team can help you achieve your production goals!

Get the most out of your next event or project

Connect with our team today to see if we're a good fit for your event or production. We serve clients at all levels of production offering assistance with everything from planning and ideation to shooting, editing, and sharing with your target audience.

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From the studio to the stage, Triple Falls has solutions for any project.

Triple Falls is a team of multi-diciplined techs and producers with years of experience in video production, audio production, livestream production, and stage sound & lighting.

Client Success Stories

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FOCP - Beer Brats & Bourbon

We worked hand in hand with the amazing FOCP to create a live event and livestream production.

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Buddy Holly - Theatre Production

We enjoyed working along side the awesome and talented performers and producers on the Buddy Holly Story at the Kato Ballroom!

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CADA House - Mankato

We've had the amazing opportunity to produce videos for impactful non-profit organizations in the area like CADA.

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From the studio to the stage, Triple Falls has solutions for any project.

Triple Falls is a team of multi-diciplined techs and producers with years of experience in video production, audio production, livestream production, and stage sound & lighting.

What Clients Say about working with Triple Falls


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FOCP - Non-Profit Organization

TF was an incredible asset to making our event a smashing success. They were calm, efficient, accommodating and very easy to work with. For being such a young crew their standard of excellence was incomparable. They live streamed, managed sound, and worked with multiple bands and instruments. We received many praises on their behalf with the quality of live stream and sound. We would highly recommend them and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.

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Jared Willemsen - Artist

The triple falls crew provide fantastic content and live services. They are efficient, friendly, think outside of the box and pay attention to detail. Would recommend to anyone looking for help with all services they provide.

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