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Triple Falls

Triple Falls

Production Co. based in Mankato, MN

Are you looking for production services?

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Production Co. based in Mankato, MN

We produce events and entertainment online and IRL


We're focused on Southern MN.

Music - Arts - Events - Culture

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Each week we interview Artists, Creators, Entrepreneurs & Influencers making an impact in the area.

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Content Generation

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We offer video production services and specialize in multi-cam video production and live-streaming solutions.

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Event Production

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We offer Event Sound & Lighting productions for conferences,  concerts, and event productions.

Recent Posts

Scott Yonke is the talented bassist and songwriter for JoJo Green, a jazz fusion project from Minneapolis. Known for his versatile playing style, Scott blends jazz with elements of rock, funk, and soul, creating an energetic and dynamic sound. JoJo Green is a band that mixes traditional jazz with contemporary influences, resulting in an eclectic and show. Scott's bass lines and melodic songwriting are key components of the band's sound. Scott has been part of the Minnesota music scene for years, drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists. His ability to combine different musical styles has made him a standout musician. Whether in intimate venues or on big stages, Scott and JoJo Green deliver engaging and memorable performances. Their music features tight arrangements and spontaneous improvisation, making each show a unique experience. Join us to learn more about Scott Yonke’s musical journey, his role in JoJo Green, and his approach to songwriting and performance.

Visit the team at FOCP and learn how they help make sure that hungry kids are provided easy to prepare meals at home and at school. We packed a few meal kits with Sheri and Lori, Holly, and the rest of the team; who also let us sample a special bourbon mix they developed. In this episode we talked about FOCP's new expansion, fundraising events, and got to see behind the scenes on their operation. We will again be working with FOCP to provide production for their upcoming Beer, Brats and Bourbon event which will feature bands Tres Osos from Duluth and the Whiskies from the Twin Cities. FOCP is an amazing non-profit organization that does a lot for the community and we're incredibly proud to be a production partner for the event. Come enjoy an event that helps make sure children growing up in Southern MN have access to the food they need. The event provides a great opportunity to try sample some bourbon, try some beer, and enjoy an evening of music. And give back to the community. Tickets are available online at Shoutout to the FOCP TEAM! Sheri Sander-Silva Holly Dodge Lori Wollmuth Layne Boswell Josh Sorenson Stacy Spencer Thanks for having us.

Dave Sandersfeld has New Music on the way! We were happy to host him in the studio for a chat about the album writing process and what's coming. Dave talked about how collaborating has made a huge impact on his work this year and maybe if you're lucky you'll get to catch him perform in the next few months! Don't miss our desert island guitar pedal selects or hearing how Dave draws inspiration from artists like Jason Isbell and the other gems in this episode. Dave Sandersfeld is a singer songwriter based in the Mankato area and will be putting out some new original music in the next few months. His song "What Does It Mean?" will be available May 31st. Stay tuned.

A stacked episode with Josh Madson, Megan Hoogland, and Shelley Caldwell all talking about the upcoming Manifest event on May 11th 2024 where there will be many vendors, artists, interatctive creator activities, and a concert to close out the night. We're stoked to be supporting Manifest 2024 and had a blast chatting with these amazing humans. We learned about what's going on with the Community Collage and chatted about the art and entertainment featured in this year's Manifest event.

In this episode we learned about a tattoo art show organized by Rob Foster to showcase tattoo artists' diverse artistic talents outside of tattooing. We talked about the evolution of the tattoo industry and styles, with more collaboration and sharing of ideas now. From topics like flash designs, client relationships, ignorant tattoos, and how accessibility of tools has changed things recently. Rob Foster hopes for a good turnout of artwork at the show inspired by tattoos and is allowing each artist freedom to show their stuff.

ARK returns to the podcast alongside our first-ever guest, crew member, and long-time host Grum to discuss their musical journey together, both as performers with their band Soul Folk Union and as a duo. They share insights into how they became intertwined musically and romantically, discussing the lessons learned from working together with different perspectives while trying to grow as artists. The duo also reveals some of their ambitions for the future and sets expectations for upcoming performances and releases. You can find them on all platforms as Soul Folk Union or reach out for booking at

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Get the most out of your next event or project

Connect with our team today to see if we're a good fit for your event or production. We serve clients at all levels of production offering assistance with everything from planning and ideation to shooting, editing, and sharing with your target audience.

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From the studio to the stage, Triple Falls has solutions for any project.

Triple Falls is a team of multi-diciplined techs and producers with years of experience in video production, audio production, livestream production, and stage sound & lighting.

Client Success Stories

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FOCP - Beer Brats & Bourbon

We worked hand in hand with the amazing FOCP to create a live event and livestream production.

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Buddy Holly - Theatre Production

We enjoyed working along side the awesome and talented performers and producers on the Buddy Holly Story at the Kato Ballroom!

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CADA House - Mankato

We've had the amazing opportunity to produce videos for impactful non-profit organizations in the area like CADA.

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From the studio to the stage, Triple Falls has solutions for any project.

Triple Falls is a team of multi-diciplined techs and producers with years of experience in video production, audio production, livestream production, and stage sound & lighting.

What Clients Say about working with Triple Falls


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FOCP - Non-Profit Organization

TF was an incredible asset to making our event a smashing success. They were calm, efficient, accommodating and very easy to work with. For being such a young crew their standard of excellence was incomparable. They live streamed, managed sound, and worked with multiple bands and instruments. We received many praises on their behalf with the quality of live stream and sound. We would highly recommend them and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.

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Jared Willemsen - Artist

The triple falls crew provide fantastic content and live services. They are efficient, friendly, think outside of the box and pay attention to detail. Would recommend to anyone looking for help with all services they provide.

Brands We've Worked With

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