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We're a Minnesota based Production Company.

Are You looking for production support

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  • Events: We produce parties and events online and IRL
  • Media: Content Generation and Video Brand Marketing
  • Productions: Multi-Cam Live-streaming and Media Productions

We offer Production Services as a Mobile Team

Pro A/V

Our team has extensive experience with a variety of a/v production formats and processes and can help you make an impact with your next video or event.

  • Audio: Professional Studio Quality Audio solutions
  • Video: Marketing, event, product feature
  • Multi-cam: Multi-cam recordings & productions
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Creative Content Generation Solutions


We offer Production solutions for projects of any size.

  • Events: Live event production Sound & Lighting
  • Stages: Concerts & Conferences
  • Video: Professional Video Solutions
  • Livestream: Multi-camera HD Livestream Capabilities 
  • Multi-Platform: Live-streaming across Multiple Platforms

We're a Production Company

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We work with local businesses, non-profit organizations, bands, artists, and community leaders.
We offer production services for stage & social!

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Stage Production Services

We offer Sound & Lighting production solutions for events around Southern MN.

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Audio & Visual Production

From music videos to short form content for social media, we offer content generation of all kinds to clients and partners.

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Multicam/Livestream Production

Our team specializes in producing long-form multi-cam productions and livestreams.

What Clients Say about working with Us


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FOCP - Non-Profit Organization

"TF was an incredible asset to making our event a smashing success. They were calm, efficient, accommodating and very easy to work with. For being such a young crew their standard of excellence was incomparable. They live streamed, managed sound, and worked with multiple bands and instruments. We received many praises on their behalf with the quality of live stream and sound. We would highly recommend them and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future."

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Jared Willemsen - Artist

"The triple falls crew provide fantastic content and live services. They are efficient, friendly, think outside of the box and pay attention to detail. Would recommend to anyone looking for help with all services they provide."

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Triple Falls is based in Mankato, Minnesota.

We are a media & event production company that offers entertainment and production services around Minnesota working with musicians, artists, small businesses & non-profit organizations to create amazing content & experiences.