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Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Watermelon Slush

Get slushy with this band that sounds a bit like amaricana, folk, and maybe blues or country. We enjoyed recording a live session with them in a chilly barn.
They can be found touring around MM


The long awaited full session of The Watermelon Slush at Hidden Silo Farms
Music written and performed by The Watermelon Slush
Ben Scruggs- Vocals & Guitar
Scott Helgensen- Drums
Jason Felten - Upright Bass
Peter Klug- Vocals & Guitar

Produced by Triple Falls Productions

We also had a chance to record a podcast with the band!

TF Cast Ep.80

Ben Scruggs, Pete Klug and Scott Helgerson of the Watermelon Slush join us to talk about their upcoming album release, recording and their TF live session filmed at Hidden Silo Farm.

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