Michael Callahan - TF Cast Ep.149

Thursday, December 14, 2023

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This week on the TF Cast

Michael Callahan - TF Cast Ep.149

Michael returns to the podcast to talk about his new magic venue and art space in St. Peter called 'Blue Moon Comedy and Magic'. We learn about the history of his work through the lens of his ongoing search for a physical space that worked well for his performances and the type of entertainment he wanted to bring to the area. Micael also shares some stories from his time doing close up magic and opinions on the craft.
Blue Moon is located next to River Rock Coffee at 303 South Minnesota Avenue, St Peter - for more information about upcoming shows follow Michael Callahan or 2nd Story Comedy on Facebook.

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This episode was originally published on Nov 6th, 2023.

AI tried an episode re-cap for us..

A Comic & Artist, Minnesota's newest magic venue. Michael has a detailed history of Minnesota magic.
This episode features an interview with comedian and magician Michael Callahan. We discuss his new entertainment venue called Uncle Callahan's Funny Magic Castle that is opening up in St. Peter, Minnesota. Michael shares details about the types of shows and acts that will be featured at the venue. We also discussed close up magic and other styles of magic performance that people will be able to enjoy at the new space.

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