Smilebro | Chapel Hill - TF Cast ep.148

Thursday, December 14, 2023

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Smilebro | Chapel Hill - TF Cast ep.148

Jared Willemsen returns to talk about his most recent Smilebro album 'Chapel Hill' - a collaborative concept album created during a musicians retreat in North Carolina. We explore how the limitations of working with new collaborative artists and confining production to a single week, from concept to completion, helped mold this album into a final product that, in many ways, represents a departure from his previous work.
Jared shares some valuable takeaways from the production sessions as well as catching us up on his life changes as last time he spoke with us on the cast he was headed out to Los Angeles and has since returned.

​You can check out the single: 'Smilebro - Hundred Billion Dollars' on all streaming platforms, and the rest of the album will be released on the 18th of December 2023.

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This episode was originally filmed on December 6th, 2023.

Music Sessions

"Wolf" - Smilebro

Smilebro shares a live version of his recent single "wolf" which is available everywhere to stream.

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