Josh Madson - TF Cast ep.126

Friday, August 04, 2023

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This week on the TF Cast

Josh Madson - TF Cast ep.126

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting the incredibly talented Josh Madson, a photographer, director, and cinematographer with a passion for community engagement.

Join us as we explore Josh's latest project, set to launch as part of an upcoming festival right here in our own community. Josh will be offering free portrait sessions to the people of Mankato, capturing their unique personalities and stories through his lens. These captivating portraits will then be showcased at the renowned Coffee Hag, a local hub for creativity and community gathering.

We delve into Josh's motivation behind this inspiring endeavor, uncovering the transformative power of art and its ability to foster connection and belonging within a community. Through his lens, Josh aims to highlight the diverse faces and stories that make Mankato such a vibrant place to live.

During our conversation, we'll explore the creative process behind capturing these portraits, Josh's approach to storytelling through photography, and the impact he hopes to achieve through this project. We'll also touch on the role of art in fostering community engagement and the importance of showcasing local talent.

Whether you're a photography enthusiast, an art lover, or simply someone passionate about building a stronger community, this episode of the TF Cast is not to be missed. Join us as we sit down with Josh Madson and explore the intersection of art, community, and the power of a single portrait. Get ready to be inspired and discover the beauty that lies within our own backyard

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This episode was originally published on Jun 7th, 2023.

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