Let's Talk About It

Let's Talk About It is a webshow hosted by Jasmine D'Avilar and Anisa Omar.

LTAI explores a range of topics through the lens of the experiences of young black activist women in the Mankato area.

LTAI was produced 2020-2021.

Activism & Accountability | Let's Talk About It | 006

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Jasmine and Anisa share their experiences and struggles searching for accountability with a variety of activists and organizations in Mankato MN.

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Jasmine Gates-D'Avilar

Founder of Stand Up! Mankato Jasmine D'Avilar began her activism in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Jasmine a queer black woman has been a tireless advocate for black lives and an outspoken police abolitionist.

Anisa Omar

Co-Founder Ignite the Youth and lifetime Mankato resident Anisa Omar has led the charge to remove SRO's from District 77 schools and an outspoken advocate for racial justice.

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Let's Talk About It is produced through TF Black Voices a program devoted to giving back to the black community in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

LTAI is written and directed by Anisa Omar and Jasmine D'Avilar with Triple Falls donating the studio time and hosting.

Stand Up! Mankato, Ignite the Youth and Triple Falls Productions are separate and independent entities any views expressed on LTAI or any Triple Falls program are not necessarily representative of anyone except the speaker.

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