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Triple Falls offers Creative Services.

Triple Falls Productions offers creative solutions in the form of video productions, livestream productions, stage sound/lighting, podcasting and much more.

Live Session - Cicada Killer

Cicada Killer performing at the Project Three Sisters building in Blue Earth MN captured on 11/14/2021.

Also check out our cast interview with Cicada Killer percussionist Chad Sabin along with insights into the project he also shares his perspective as a musician of over thirty years playing with; Libido Boyz, Season to Risk and Minor Mishap Marching Band along the way.


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Your continued support is vital to these nonprofits so that they can continue to offer their services and support the local artists.

The 410 Project,
Mankato Makerspace,
and Carnegie Art Center.

Arts Organizations are among the industries most effected by Covid-19 as spaces that typically rely on gathering people together for exhibitions, workshops and classes.

This was filmed in Fall of 2020.

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Special thanks to Dana Sikkala from the 410 Project who helped us come up with the questions and joined us for the adventure.

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